Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Want to Try a Cool Real Estate Search Feature?

One thing that I really like about Dustin from the Rain City Guide is that we both share the same passion to spur innovation within the real estate industry.

In this post last Friday, Robbie Paplin from Caffeinated software (great name BTW) unveiled the beta version of a new MLS search feature that Dustin and he have been working on.

After playing around with it for a while, I decided to share the exciting news with some people in my office in hopes of getting some feedback to share with them.

While the people that I showed the technology to definitely thought it was cool, I wonder if they completely understand how cool it really is.

First off, you can generate a customized RSS feed for each search. Any hard core RSS junkie will attest to it being a far more efficient way to digest information. As more and more people become familiar with RSS as a content delivery system, the more they'll demand services like this.

They also give a statistical summary for the search results, which I thought was pretty handy.

But what really impressed the people I showed the feature to was the ability to export the search results into Google Earth.

If you haven't played around with Google Earth yet, I highly recommend it. Although it requires you a download and requires a broadband connection and 400mb of free HD space to run, it's absolutely stunning to explore the world from space. Let's just say that I had to pick some jaws off of the floor.

I've been working with a few developers around here to develop some cool new tools, but my hat is off to Dustin and Robbie on this one. Looks great guys. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds at the intersection of technology & real estate.