Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kent Bye meets the BratPack, SanFransocial Style

While the East Bay real estate market is starting to slowly awaken from its holiday slumber, I had the chance to head into the city last night to participate in an out of towner meetup.

Organized by Chris Messina, a group of us met at Ritual Roasters in the Mission to meet Kent Bye, a documentary filmmaker who is working on the Echo Chamber Project.
The Echo Chamber Project is an open source, investigative documentary about the how the television news media became an uncritical echo chamber to the Executive Branch leading up to the war in Iraq.

By developing collaborative techniques for producing this film, then this project can potentially provide some solutions for incorporating a broader range of voices and perspectives into the mainstream media.

The event went off well. Kent is an amazing guy and his project is truly noble. There was a podcast made & a few episodes of Geek Entertainment TV were also filmed.

Afterwards we headed over to the Burger Joint, for a little more socializing before I had to catch the BART back to the East Bay.

Part of the magic of the meetup is that no one had to call me to tell me about the event. I found out through, a service that I've been using quite a bit recently.

Recently acquired by Yahoo, is a global events calander where community members add events to a centralized database.

Through, you can:
* Use the site to keep track of your own events
* Share events with friends and family
* Find out what events your friends are going to
* Find interesting events in your area

Upcoming also publishes a badge that you can put on your website. If you look down on the left sidebar, you'll notice mine.

Keep it real Kent! We're behind you.

flickr photo credit: Miss Rogue, used under a Creative Commons license.