Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Brat Pack San Fransocial Unconference 2.0

Sometimes it's hard to put into words exactly what's going on in our little 'tech bubble' social circle. Since I operate in radically different social/professional/unprofessional circles, I'm constantly finding myself trying to adapt to the group that I'm currently with. The most challenging though is trying to explain to my non-techie friends and colleagues the tremendous events occuring within the San Fransocial scene.

I'm still relatively new to the whole scene and I swear I'm getting it more and more everyday, but Tara Hunt of HorsePigCow just wrote an excellent post framing what's going on without explaining it. Once again she nails it on the head.
Sumpin's stirring, but I don't want to hone or define it too much. I want to watch it grow organically and look forward to all of the beauty that comes of it. And really, as it grows and morphs in all directions is where, I believe, we'll see some real magic happen.

It is growing, and it's growing in all sorts of unexpected ways. Us Brat Packers hit 'the circuit', we San Fransocialize, we help organize and participate in unconferences where an amazingly diverse group of people come together in an attempt to make the world a better place; but we also don't forget to poke fun at ourselves and have a good time while we're at it. It's also not a closed circle. Anyone who shares the same ideals is welcome to join us.

In the words of the legendary Bay Area band (but who's works aren't downloadable on the archive anymore, or I'd link to their version) the Grateful Dead.

Let it
grow. <-Sound Tribe Sector 9 (Still available for download on the archive)
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