Friday, January 20, 2006

Brainjamming in the Nation's Capital

Hey East Coasters, Brainjams is coming to Washington DC on Monday January 30th and you're invited. Organizer Chris Heuer managed to snag a great location and the event will be held at The DC Improv and it begins at 10am.

I participated in the first two Brainjams in the Bay Area and can attest to the fact that "its ad-hoc collaboration at its finest!"

The morning session with consist of BrainJamming - knowledge networking which is akin to the speed dating concept. Then, in the afternoon, the group will be divided into 'tracks' according to level of experience, so that developers and power users can get more from in-depth discussions with peers and newcomers can get a better understanding of the basics.

If you are into Social Media, Web 2.0 and all that jazz, please plan on coming by Monday January 30 for some knowledge networking in the morning and open spaces in the afternoon. Also, please consider inviting a non-technical friend along so we can spread the word and have a more interesting discussion across the techie/non-techie divide.