Monday, April 24, 2006

Is Berkeley Bubble Proof?

We're looking for opinions regarding the resiliency of certain local markets.

Basically, is Berkeley Bubble proof?

Based on the pending / active ratios, the East Bay Area as a whole has shown a buyers bias since October of 2005. The relative strength of the east bay as of 4/18/06 was .54 Berkeley on the other hand is a very healthy .99, El Cerrito is .93 and Kensington is a robust 2.67 (small sample size), Albany has ranged between .67 and .89 this past month. Oakland and Richmond are at .55 and .39 respectively.

Is it the University? Is it Totland? Is it Berkeley Bowl? El Cerrito Plaza? New High Schools?

What do you think? We're welcome to any and all ideas...

flickr photocredit polymerchicken. Used under a Creative Commons License.