Monday, November 14, 2005

EcoBuilding in Berkeley

If you read my earlier post covering the NAR convention in San Francisco, you'll know that my visit the EcoBroker booth piqued my attention. I've always had an interest in solar & alternative energies, but was largely unaware of the extent to which 'Green Buliding' has evolved into.

Last Tuesday, I was driving down San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley, when I noticed the brand new sign on the EcoHome Improvement store and I just had to stop in and say hi.

It turns out Tuesday was their first day open to the public. While I talked to Taja di Leonardi, the managing partner, there was a steady stream of people stopping in to check it out. Looks like their 'soft launch' is off to a fast start.

Of course I told them that they should start blogging about their venture. We'll also be doing some co-marketing in the near future so that we can help each other expand our businesses. (That offer also goes for anybody else who's serious about building their business and is willing to come up with a win-win situation.)