Saturday, November 12, 2005

Am I Really A Bear Fan Now?

Since moving to Berkeley from Wisconsin in 2002, it's been a tough 3 years trying to adjust to the world of Pac 10 football. I've had many opportunities to attend a Cal game, but for vaious reasons decided to pass. When my broker/owner, John Cashman offered a ticket to today's game against USC, I jumped all over the opportunity.

Reasons I am Pumped for Today:

One, I need to experience a Cal game. While attending the University of Wisconsin from 1994-2001, I missed one game. We won three Rose Bowls (None of which I attended (Thanks Phish! ;)))

Wisconsin has two football teams and we're passionate fans. There are few places on this earth that compare to Madison on Saturday and Green Bay on Sunday. The buzz, the energy, the passion, the excitement, the PARTY. You have to experience it to understand it. I'm looking forward to seeing how today's atmosphere will compare.

Two. I now have a connection with Cal. I've got three years under my belt in Berkeley. As a passionate football fan, I need to get onbaord with my local team. More importantly, Aaron Rodgers is now a Packer. Somehow this seems to validate my connection to Cal.

Third. Today's opponent, #1 USC has made me a fan of Pac 10 football. Pete Carroll has that program running on all cylinders. Gotta love it when a Heisman trophy winner & top draft pick Matt Leinhert skips a huge payday to stay in college for his senior year because he's having too much fun and wants to go for a 3-peat.

Fourth. A Saturday afternoon hanging with "The Cash-Man" = Priceless.

Fifth and Finally. I get to do some advanced scouting for my beloved Pack. The way that things are going this year, I'm secretly pining for the Pack to run the rest of the schedule in reverse so that we can deaft Reggie freakin Bush. Time for the second coming of REGGIE, REGGIE, REGGIE!

I think this is the equation: Reggie Bush + Javon Walker playing for a huge contact in 07 + Brett Favre still being a jedi + Jim Bates continuing to whip the defense in shape + another year for the O line to get in-sync + injury karma that we're building up this year + Big Irv & Reggie White smiling on us from above = One more for #4 who can retire on top like he deserves.