Tuesday, September 06, 2005

KW Connect...I'm amazed

I haven't discussed too much in this blog because I want to strike a good balance between providing information, having fun & promoting my real estate business; but the company continually amazes me and I just have to share.

When I first started getting into real estate, I was against the idea of becoming an agent. I was a college grad & this was the internet era. I thought that I could teach myself & instantly become successful.

Then I moved to California from Wisconsin & it was a whole different ballgame. The more I researched the subject, the more the name Keller Williams popped up. As I learned more about Keller Williams, the more my pre-conceived notion of not getting my license changed. Eventuallly I ended up driving 17.3 miles (thanks ) from Berkeley to the Walnut Creek marketcenter to get started in the licensing process.

One of the biggest reasons that I decided on Keller Williams was their commitment to education & their newest tool just re-enforces my feeling that I made the right decision.

Keller Williams has just introduced an online training tool that just amazes me. The tool, KWConnect is web based education curriculum that can be accessed anytime, anywhere there's a broadband connection.

I just finished session 1 of the first course offered titled: Your Business is Your Database and let me say it again, I'm amazed.

Today at the office, our broker/owner told me that we had signed up for the program & I couldn't wait to try it out.

So, tonight while I was sitting on my couch, I logged on to the KWConnect site and downloaded the 13 page PDF file that accompanied the first lesson. After looking it over, I launched the streaming video. After a short load, I was off and running.

When I attended the during the 90's, some classes were offered with lectures on local cable television. Almost every single one of these classes were videotaped lectures shot with a single angle & with the occasional still photo. In other words, they were ridiculously BORING.

With KWConnect, the streaming video has good graphics & switches up the format fairly often. The classroom portion features Todd Butzer, VP of Training for Keller Williams International lecturing, but not in a monotonous single camera angle way. It utilizes multi-angle shots & quick cuts to engage the audience.

Throughout the lesson, there are frequent cutaways to roundtable discussions featuring company co-founder Gary Keller & Dave Jenks along with in-classroom Q&A's with other industry experts.

As with many new technologies, there is a drawback and the one that I've found is that you can't currently search within the video. If you miss something, you have to start the video stream over again in order to catch it a second time.

Kudos to Keller Williams to staying on the cutting edge & providing another excellent resource to their associates and thank you for making me feel like I made a wise choice when I decided to hop in my girlfriend's car & begin my journey almost 4 years ago.

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