Sunday, September 04, 2005


If you have a little extra time & a computer available, you can help match survivors with friends & family who are looking for them. What we're doing is taking pages of lists of missing person info and rentering it into a centralized database.

Here's a wiki with the details

It's simple: We'd like you to "claim" chunks of raw data about Katrina victims that we're gathering from hundreds of websites, and then enter that data into an online form so people can actually search through one consolidated database and find information about their loved ones.
Just another way that we can help, even though we may not be down there physically.

[update] From New Orleans Network
Due to overwhelming response, we are moving our project to faster servers. Please subscribe to our email list by sending an email to We will only contact you when our servers are up and to thank you for volunteering.

[update] 8:30pm 09.04.2005
We're back in business entering data with a new, brutally ugly but
completely functional entry form at

As before, all reference info is on the KatrinaHelp wiki at