Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rolling Towards the Postseason

The A's won again in extra innings to extend their winning streak to seven games while opening up a two game lead on the Angels in the west. With the hated New York Yankees coming to town this weekend, I'm hoping that the East Bay will rally around their their team and pack the Coliseum.

Its times like this that make me envious of the beautiful stadium that sits on the bay right across the bridge. While our youthful team is playing the type of exciting baseball that a city can rally around, they have to do so at an aging stadium with a concrete monstrosity in the outfield blocking what used to be an amazing view of the beautiful Oakland hills.

The East Bay is a wonderful location for baseball. It rarely rains during baseball season and the temperature is almost always comforable. Hopefully someday in the near future, we'll have a new ballpark to be proud of. If you're want to stay up to date on the progress, here's a great blog to check out.

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