Monday, August 08, 2005

Movin' Out of California

Yesterday's SF Chronicle featured an article on what they termed, 'reverse-pioneers'. For one reason or another these people decided to seek greener pastures outside the crazyness of the Bay Area and California in general.

The chronicle tracked down a few reverse pioneers who are a few years removed from the Bay Area to get their thoughts about their moves.

Since I'm a 'pioneer" myself having relocated to the East Bay in August 2002 after living my whole life in Wisconsin, I found some answers quite interesting.

Here's a good one:

How is the coffee?
There's Starbucks, but no Peet's. That was my wife's
favorite coffee. For a while she had people sending it to her.

I'm glad that they tackled the important subject of coffee consumption. When I moved out here, I was an occasional coffee drinker; now I'm hooked on Peet's. Our old office was next door to the original store and once you get spoiled, it's hard to accept any substitutes. We have Peet's in our new office, but it's not the same as going there. You can buy it, or have it shipped in but it still doesn't compare to the store brewed Peet's.

Along the same lines, I thought I'd never be able to move away from Wisconsin because I wouldn't be able to watch the Packers on Sundays; but now thanks to the wonders of satellite television, the internet, and a little extra effort on my part I'm able to be a full time fan living 2000 miles away. Gotta love innovation!