Friday, October 14, 2005

And the New Manager of the Oakland Athletics is...

the same one that we just parted ways with. That's right, Ken Macha is back at the helm of the Oakland Athletics as we head into the offseason.

I was really hoping that they'd hire Ron Washington, but it looks like it's not going to happen now.

A funny piece from Athletics Nation imagining the conversation between Macha and GM Billy Beane:

Billy picks up.

Beane: "Is this really Macha?"
Macha: "Yeah, Billy it's me."

Beane: "Ken, I've got interviews with DeFrancesco and Hershiser coming up. I don't really have time to chat."

Macha: "Billy, you remember the time when I brought Rincon in to face Todd Walker in the Boston series the second time and he hit another home run?"

Beane: "Ken, the whole world remembers that."

Macha: "Well, I think I made a big mistake again. I really never wanted to leave Oakland, except that Pittsburgh job was so appealing. I interviewed and they realized they wanted Jim Tracy instead."

Beane: "Hoofah, how bad is it when Pittsburgh doesn't want you? What's your point, Ken?"

Macha: "I want a chance to finish what I started and I'll accept your original offer."

Beane: "Ken, this is going to look bad for everyone involved. We publicly claimed it was over. We're going to start to look like Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee."

Macha: "I'm OK with that. I just want my job back."

Beane: "All right, I guess. Man, Washington and Geren are going to be pissed."

Macha: "Don't worry, my calm demeanor will help rub off on them."

Beane: "That's what I'm afraid of."

Yes, folks, Mild-Mannered Macha and his gum chewing are officially back. We had all moved on to new possibilities. New opportunities.

But the dream is over and we've got Macha back. Dream on.



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