Monday, October 03, 2005

Breaking the Silence

Happy Monday to everyone.

October is here, and in the Bay Area that means Summertime! It's kind of strange how our weather out here is a couple months behind the traditional seasons. In the summer months, fog usually domiantes the morning and eventually burns off to reveal a beautiful, sunny afternoon. As we move into October, days filled with sunshine are more common.

Real Estate and new toys have kept me from posting in the past week and I apologize. I have some great ideas for additions to the site, but they'll take a little while to fold in & I need to keep on myself to keep posting in the meantime.

It looks like interest rates are rising and inventory is starting to build up. It will be an interesting next few weeks and the economic impacts of Katrina and Rita start to become apparent in the economy.

I finally jumped off of the fence and signed on with VisualTours to start making Virtual Tours of listings and neighborhoods. As with any software, there's a bit of a learning curve; but it's fairly easy to use and I'm looking forward to incorporating the technology in my business.

Here's my first one, let me know what you think.