Monday, March 13, 2006

Look to Dataquick for Sales Activity

by Glen Bell

"Since 1978, DataQuick has built a solid reputation as a premier provider of real estate information solutions. From the early days of microfiche to today's high-speed Internet solutions, we've helped thousands of customers realize their goals by offering the most current and advanced data products on the market."

DataQuick Real Estate News is another resource to keep referring back to. You'll find that a number real estate news articles pull their statisitics from this great informational site. I use it to give me a snapshot of the real estate activity in the area. View their Home Sales Activity charts Here. It's broken down by zipcode to help give you a more informed picture of the neighborhood you're living in and how the past months sales compares to last years. You can also review Home Sale Price Medians by City.

Of course, for Californians, that can be either good or bad news depending on whether your are looking to sell or purchase property.

California's Housing Affordability Index, as reported by the California Association of Realtors, is now at an all time low. This index measures the percentage of households that can afford to purchase a median priced home in California. As of their Feb 2, 2006 report, that index now stands at 14% for all of California.

"With mortgage rates, home prices rising faster than annual incomes, affordable housing is not an option for many." This mornings article in the Contra Costa Times, entitled "American Dream fading for Many," by Alan Heavens further deals with this issue.