Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday Night @ the NAR Expo

I had a great time down at the NAR Expo last night. I went there in search of new tools and technologies to help my business and ended up meeting lots of wonderful people. Sometimes REALTORs can be a tough bunch to be around and I admire the people that have to man those booths all weekend.

Before leaving, I made sure to grab my tickets, my wallet, my iPod and my fresh copy of Wired to read on the BART. I even made sure to post to MEBA, but I managed to forget my list of phone numbers which kept me from meeting up with my fellow KW Berkeley agents.

A couple of last nights stops included:

Inman news- I'm a huge fan. Look on the sidebar, you'll see their news feed.

Based in nearby Emeryville, Inman is a great source of real estate related news. If you look on the sidebar, you'll see their news feed.

They were promoting Inman Stories. If you're a regular reader, you know that I'm really interested in video blogs, especially how they relate to real estate.

I really wanted to chat with them, but they were busy working out some logistics and I made a note to stop back later when we could talk a little more in depth about their project.

By the way, they're also blogging the event.

EcoBroker-- EcoBroker is a Certified Designation that helps Real Estate professionals stay current with the growing green real estate market and the opportunities it presents.
The EcoBroker Designation is a positive and profitable way to differentiate yourself in today's real estate market. Becoming an EcoBroker(TM) is a great opportunity for you to benefit your community and the planet, while broadening your base of training and earning more business.

I've been thinking about exploring this niche for a while, but I wasn't aware of this designation before yesterday. This goes on the list of products to investigate further.

Here's a shot of the EcoBroker crew:

All right, that's it for now. It's Saturday night and I need to peel myself away from the computer.